Introducing “design: HOME” (plus more @ “A Better Class of Heroes”)

I have a new blog(!)

design: HOME

It is about residential architecture, showing what homes could/should look like, and asking why such homes are rare.

I have created 23 posts so far and will post new content twice a week.

It is in beta, but I wanted to share it with you. Please check it out and join the conversation there.


There are new posts at “A Better Class of Heroes”. There are now 19 people featured. Check it out, be inspired, join the conversation. Who else should I include?



  1. Ahhh… breathtakingly beautiful homes, renovations, and modern, livable art. That first home with the double decker approach and water features on both levels is shockingly amazing 🙂 Thank you for minutes of such beauty that it made me gasp! (I couldn’t find the front door, either…) and that cement factory! Wow, the drpery and overstuffed upholstery softened the concrete (and the vines outside, too) and made it so warm. How about all those dining areas? They must entertain a lot of people! I loved it all… I look forward to the homes I never knew were out there… or even possible 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize I could click on a name or category of “A New Class of Heroes” and learn more! Tonight I watched Eve Ensler and was so impressed (I had no idea who she was, but had heard of her famous monologues). Thank you for making it so easy to navigate and putting in the time and work to make it so nice. I look forward to watching more and learning more 🙂

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