Apple. Facebook. Amazon. Seth Godin + Progressive

APPLE. Apple’s stock is at its 52-week all-time high.

FACEBOOK. Facebook is down again today to a new low. I think they are still over-valued. Their market capitalization is $41 billion, and I don’t think they’re a $41 billion company. That would mean, all things equal, that they make 15 times less profit than Apple Computer. Except they don’t. They make almost 60 times less profit. (last quarter: Apple, $11.6 billion. Facebook, $205 million)

AMAZON. In related news:’s P/E ratio. Have you seen it? 295. Unbelievable. And unsustainable. No investors are that optimistic. What’s going on here?

SETH GODIN and PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. I’ll stop saying it when it stops being true: but Seth Godin has the best page on the Internet. Today he discusses what Progressive Insurance did recently. My favorite line from his post today:

“They bet on short memories and the healing power of marketing dollars, commercials and discounts.”



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