David Cronenberg

  • Poor:
    • mise-en-scene
    • composition
    • cinematography
    • set decoration
    • blocking
  • Good:
    • story so gripping (disturbing). IT’S THE STORY
    • storytelling so patient; so much tension, ominous-ness. patient (ie: John Carpenter’s The Thing – slowly building the story, without losing the audience. ie: Event Horizon
    • glances. nervous, ominous
    • peculiar behavior, nervous behavior. hurrying. unusual behavior (pulling at own body
    • agitation
    • then, the sudden surprise
  • Notes:
    • fall and convulse, eat grotesque object, spit out blood, attack someone, go catatonic, funny creature, seeing strange creature/aperation, repeating something (a character does a strange repetition)
    • SIMPLE, and terrifying.
    • foreshadowing
    • bra-less = naked later
    • unexplained bleeding = something gross later
    • thought I saw something = will see something later
    • experienced something tramatic = do something tramatic later
    • alcoholic = something has happened to them in the past
    • EVEN: just camera lingering on something / someone
    • EVEN: simple things: “Did you lock (or check) the door?” “No. Why?”
    • EVEN: closes door, but does not lock it. Camera linger on unlocked door
    • Cronenberg deals with sex, but not gratuitous sex. Rather, open conversation about sex.
    • It’s a movie about IDEAS, not trivial gore. “Disease is an act of love between two alien species. Even dying is an act of eroticism.” Talking is sexual. Breathing is sexual. Even to physically exist is sexual

IDEA that came to me while watching: person arranges letters to spell something. Shakes head. Rearranges letters. He has spelled the same word, repeat for effect


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