Mystic River

Mystic River. 2003. Clint Eastwood

Horrid. I heard the book was good. Sad. The characters and the events were completely unbelievable to me. Is Sean Penn’s character a bumbling simpleton? Is he a smooth mob don? Is he a vicious killer? Is he a grieving father? I don’t mind complex characters, indeed, characters should have more than one dimension… but more than one personality? Tim Robbins’ character was equally puzzling. Was he a bumbling simpleton? Was he a smooth, intelligent criminal? Was he psychotic? The events in the movie suffered the same malady. What the heck happened? What did they expect us to believe? There’s a deaf boy… no he’s pretending to be deaf. He and his brother care for each other… no, they hate each other. Wait. What? The kid killed his brother’s girlfriend? Oh, forget it.


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