Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain. 2003. Anthony Mighella

Cliche, gratuitous, a rip-off of Homer’s Odyssey (though a clever rip-off, and another testament to the power of The Odyssey)… yet I liked it. I am a sucker for anything by Anthony Mighella; he makes beautiful films and this film is gorgeous. Meticulously crafted. Though I often have little respect for actors, Nicole Kidman and Jude Law demonstrate as fine of craftsmanship and mastery as can be found in any art or profession.

How many cliches can you put in one story? Is there a legal limit? The bad guys can’t hit anything when they shoot; the good guys (and girls) can’t miss… even if they have never picked up a gun before. We have two modest virgins… but during their first time together, they have legendary sex. Only two kinds of characters exist. All characters are one dimensional. Bad guys are only pure evil, and though they have no jobs or responsibilities, don’t call them lazy or deadbeats – they are fasiduously dedicated to evil.


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