Blade Runner

Blade Runner

1982. Ridley Scott.

watching Blade Runner – Director’s Cut

check in that book about the visual and special effects in Blade Runner

Ridley (or his set designer) always have some light source in the shot: a TV, a computer monitor, a window, a lamp, the hundred of lights of the main building

they also frequently have some movement in the shot: usu. a fan turning, but also, a computer screen displaying numbers/letters, a TV changing images, fire billowing out of a few buildings in the opening scene, neon light that changes.

lots of fog. fog everywhere. everyscene.

backlighting. sidelighting

women have several tools/ weapons. the wide-eyed innocent can get whatever she wants. the temptress also can get what she wants. there’s also: the innocent temptress (but she’s only acting)

visually stunning, but the story was… um… unconventional. I didn’t get why Harrison Ford was so melancholy. What was it on his mind all the time? why was it so hard for him to kill? a story without a beginning???… you can get to the beginning later.

loneliness. the paradoxical, universal nature of lonliness. everyone knows what it feels like but the nature of lonliness is that you feel like you’re the only one – alone.

uses night to day and vice versa almost like Shakespeare: starts out at night – this is a mysterious character. Turns to day – we are beginning to know this guy. Turns back to night – we thought we knew this guy

investigate how Shakespeare uses day and night

check Boring’s notes. Hartman uses those.

camera moves in action scenes. camera still or smooth in emotional moments.

when Harrison is running from Hauer – camera has that Steadicam, almost-POV movement

Harrison Ford was (is?) not a great actor. So what was it that he had? Was it something viewers needed at the time? For example: quiet strength? Kindness, but some mischieveousness? A lovable roge. Not soft, kinda hard on women, but always falls for them in the end. kinda funny, cocky, yet self-depreciating. rough around the edges – maybe drinks too much – has several obvious flaws (“crutch”), none of which are dangerous.

matte paintings. matte shots. rear projection? front projection? models (miniture)?

If camera doesn’t move, you can matte any part of the shot.

bit characters are CHARACTERS, ie: the apartment manager who opens the door to Leon’s is wearing an oxygen mask. shows the variety – and strangeness – of humanity.

Edwards Olmos character makes a man out of matches… “Matchstick Men”?? Ridley’s later film.

“More human than human” in the Zombie song.

“you won’t believe what I have seen with your eyes”

“wake up, time to die”

“say, ‘kiss me’…’I want you'”

“quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.”

[do you fear? Then you are a slave]

“I’ve seen things you… wouldn’t believe…

all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

[when he dies] your memories must be shared.

“it’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does”


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