The Future is (Almost) Here.

Check out Ouya.



  1. Very interesting… when I was in senior English, we read Orwell’s 1984, it seemed light years away (it was 20, actually). Who knew in the 60s that computers, IT, gaming, mobile apps, et al. would be so widespread? Not the kids in senior English at Oakland High 🙂 I think you’re right…

  2. This would be cool if it wasn’t them taking a smartphone and putting a box around it to call it a console. There is a lot of hype about this “new console” system, the idea is cool.. but these are NOT the people to execute it.

    Most of them came from “gamefly” which is basically netflix for games. Its like having a bunch of netflix CEO’s saying they are going to make a movie, and that they are qualified to do so!

    Lots of backlash going on with claims being made that aren’t legit. For example when she talks about minecraft being on it… the creator of minecraft had no idea and there is no plan for that. Its going to have a bunch of android game ports, and they expect to support and have only an install base of about 50k, which is nothing.. if you have your game for two bucks on there you really have to have every single owner of the console buy it.. and its probably still not profitable unless you created the game on your own.

    And if they think their controller is special they have another thing coming. Its just an xbox controller but less ergonomic.

    They also make a false claim of the games being free to play. They aren’t! The prices are set by the developers, but they are going to have a requirement that all games have a “Demo” so that they can say its free to play.. which adds more work for indy developers and less of a chance for profit for them.

    People who want to play the game on a “television” as she puts it.. already are. Its not some new amazing thing!

    The market just isn’t large enough with the limited features this device offers. If they want something revolutionary… make it a cablebox with DVR and a dvd player as well. EASY deal with cable companies, and then you have this in everyone’s home. Suddenly your getting a dvd player, DVR, TV, and games all on one device at the cost of your monthly cable bill. Then you have game developers jumping all over this and it will be amazing. THAT is what they need to be going after, but they aren’t.

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