The Myth of the Super Teacher

Solid talk about teaching.

I just finished my ninth year of teaching.

9 years x ~180 school days / year = over 1600 total school days.

I can confidently say that the majority of those days (more than 1300), I went home feeling like I failed—like I failed the lesson, or one class, or one student, or one situation. And there was plenty of evidence for that feeling: students skipping, students not turning in work, students failing, students disinterested. I always felt I could have, and should have, reached each student. Somehow.

I still don’t have it figured out, but at the beginning and ending of this last year I felt like I was doing it right.


One comment

  1. A touching, humble cry of a teacher-who-cares-about-his-student’s heart… I had no idea it was so hard; my hat is off to you, dear teacher. And, I’m so glad you felt like you were doing it right at the beginning and end of last year 🙂

    I think I know how you feel. You want so much to see the students doing well. The good news is, they are (being an adolescent is about a lot of ups and downs). You are a wonderful teacher, and daddy 🙂 You are loved by all…

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