Why the iPhone matters: 8 questions for Horace Dediu

Horace is so smart it freaks me out. Not only does he completely understand the mobile tech industry, but he can articulate his understanding and make the complex nuances understandable.

Here’s a brilliant interview.

Here’s his site. His insight and charts are unmatched.

(I want an Asymco t-shirt.)


One comment

  1. Excellent businessman: He sums up what is needed to grow in one succinct paragraph…
    “Apple will reach 1 billion users by increasing distribution and improving the product in meaningful ways. It will also maintain older products in production and thus offer lower price points. What I don’t know is how soon they will reach all the available markets. The product does depend on high-quality 3G network availability and agreements from operators to be used on their networks. Also their media consumption model depends on the availability of media downloads — something which is very slow to grow internationally.”

    Thank you for a stimulating post 🙂

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