So, I watched “Prometheus”.

… and I left with too many questions.

  • What was the beginning about? I didn’t understand any detail of it.
  • Why did mohawk guy become a slightly-mutated, killing creature? Why did the other guy just die? Why did Holloway just get sick?
  • Why did the crew need to believe that Weyland was dead?
  • Why did the Engineer freak out on David?
  • Was Vickers a robot? She has sex with Janek.
  • Why is there a giant alien mural carved in the Engineer’s spaceship?
  • If the gestation period of the aliens is around one day, how long do they live? Three months?
  • Movies don’t have time for extraneous stuff. Why show Vickers nuzzling Weyland’s knuckles with her nose?

Though I enjoy thinking and discussing such questions, I didn’t feel compelled to give this film that much time.

Then, my sister sent me these links: some interesting explanations, some fantastic discussion. Yay for mythology (which has always been humankind’s favorite method of storytelling)!

On the other hand, however, if your film needs this much theorizing and discussion to understand, you probably missed your mark.

If Ridley Scott intended this to be part of a series, he could have told us.



  1. After watching Prometheus I liked it at first. Then I started to really think about it. I saw it on opening day and in preparation I watched all the Alien movies to lead up to it. Compared to Alien and Aliens, Prometheus is atrocious. However, I found it entertaining despite some plot holes here and there and lack of story. But this could due to the fact that Scott said the film takes place in the same universe as Alien but has little to do with the Alien franchise.
    Ok movie but flawed. I liked your article, Keep writing!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree, the original Aliens films are fantastic. Even after reading those linked articles, I am still confused by “Prometheus”. It really feels like they didn’t have a story and started building sets and filming scenes anyways.

  2. I haven’t seen Prometheus, but I really enjoyed your questions! And… if you don’t get it, Mr. Huhn, who will?

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