Sword fights, gun fights, fistfights, and the indestructible character.

Fistfights in movies, gun fights in video games, and indestructible characters in both.

All three have bothered me since childhood (I’m 42). I’ve seen some real fights and been in a scrape or two myself. One punch to the jaw, temple, or throat, and the fight is over. In movies, however, a vicious street brawl will last way past believable and even past entertaining. Characters will get hit in the face with fists, chairs, bats, bottles,… for hours, it seems.

Maybe some people are entertained by this. But I suspect that no one buys it. They simply have seen enough movies to expect it and not question it. I suspect that writers and directors know better, but they have to make a movie that will “sell”, and not a “true” movie.

Gun fights in video games completely turn me off. I love Far Cry and Far Cry II and games of that ilk. One reason I love them so much is because if you shoot someone, or get shot, once in the head or chest, it’s over. The further a game gets from the reality (or possibility) of the world it is set in, the less enjoyable it is for me. Games with a bath of bullets are not only unrealistic, they are, well, dumb. Again, I suspect that people who enjoy them only enjoy them because they’ve been conditioned—because they think they should enjoy them. And people who make such games make them for the same reason unrealistic movies are made.

The indestructible character is an extension of those two terrible clichés. The quintessential example is Superman and the latest Hulk. The Hulk is a human, but becomes bullet and missle(!) proof when he transforms. That is not anger or gamma rays or science. That is magic.

The Hulk and Superman get punched or thrown, and it hurts them… but they aren’t really hurt(?) They get worn out in lengthy, brutal fights… but they aren’t really hurt. I don’t get it. Are they hurt or not? It seems really, well, dumb.

I’m finally writing about it (instead of just talking about it and annoying the people near me) because of this:

CLANG (watch the video)

(via daringfireball)


One comment

  1. Must games be violent, use weapons, shed (fake) blood? Whatever happened to board games that made you think and taught something? In all the gore and flurry of bullets, is human life still held sacred?

    A great topic for discussion; thank you.

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