Nikola Tesla!

As you may know, I have been preaching The Awesomeness of Tesla and The Terribleness of Edison for years.

Here is a comic that details the whole story. I love Tesla (and Newton) so much.

(click here or on the image to see the whole comic)


One comment

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a remarkable man… even though it was couched in humor, the greatness came through. Thank God.

    Fairly recently, the human genome was cracked, revealing human beings are 99.9% the same. It was an amazing feat and some men were honored for their work; the problem is, it was a woman on their team who did much of the work… and was not honored.

    Here’s to all those who are not honored on earth because God has something finer for them in heaven… “Of whom the world was not worthy,” Hebrews 11.

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