Is “Chronicle” the best film of 2012?

As Chris Moore pointed out in his review of “Looper” (in The Promethean newpaper), 2012 is shaping up to be one of the greatest years for movies. Ever.

I don’t know if “Chronicle” will be the best film of the year. But it is in the running. It is  astounding.

“Sometimes a movie arrives out of the blue that announces the arrival of considerable new talents.” – Roger Ebert, reviewing “Chronicle”



  1. Great movie but “the best” is definitely questionable, especially with how good The Avengers was.

    1. Bryan, I agree. “Chronicle” is probably not the best. But it will be in the top ten. I’m glad you saw it. (I can’t wait to see “The Avengers”.)

      1. Yeah i think you’ll love it, “Chronicle” is probably the best movie as far as a low key cast though.

  2. My friend of a friend, Max Landis, wrote this movie. He is the reason (IMHO) why this is so great. Sequel already in the works and apparently it is amazing. I finally saw it a few weeks back and it was everything I wanted out of it, its that kind of movie you always wanted to see.

    If you haven’t seen it already, watch Max’s video on “The Death and Return Of superman” lol its great:

      1. Yes, it does! I should add more to that post; I’ve had some additional thoughts on that topic.

        Also… Max is John Landis’ son! I wish him a long, creative filmmaking career. Maybe you could do some FX for him??

  3. Well on that subject, I think that you can almost find an evolution of escalating amounts of “hits it takes” in films to take a hero down, classic movies where one or two gunshots go off and its over come to mind… Imagine seeing movies where everyone falls down with one or two punches, then being introduced to someone who can take 20-30 hits for the first time. I think seeing that for the first time (back in the day) would make an impact on the viewer… and give you that “Wow this guy really won’t quit standing up for what he believes in” thing. Then like everything, content creators look at that trend and soon everyone is doing it, which ultimately ruins it.

    It is a thirst that can no longer be satisfied.. like needing a bigger and bigger fix until nothing “does it” anymore. But I think the solution is something that Chronicle does very well… it is now shocking for audiences to experience the opposite. Where someone going down really easily is shocking and makes an impact. There are a few moments like that in Chronicle. So i hope there is a return to that… even if it means it can bounce back to how it has gotten now again.

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