Teens who talk back may have bright future.

Well, things are looking good for my daughters, then. 😉

Joking aside, this is a useful article: Why A Teen Who Talks Back May Have A Bright Future


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  1. Wow… just reading the article made sense; and, when I read this quote: “Weissbourd points to one dramatic study that analyzed parental relationships of Dutch citizens who ended up protecting Jews during World War II. They were parents who encouraged independent thinking, even if it differed from their own.” And the world still stands in respect of Holland for that sacrifice. And some of those same people who protected the Jews during the second world war – consider Corrie ten Boom – actually made a difference long afterward, around the world.

    I remember one day when one of the girlies was doing flips and cartwheels and her sister noticed she was wearing sister’s clothes, and protested! Daddy calmly explained to sister why it was OK and she listened, accepted the explanation, and went upstairs to put on a cute outfit… satisfied that she had expressed her first response, been listened to, and reasoned with! All was well. Thank you….

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