Kindergartener not allowed to go to bathroom during state test, poops pants.

Another strike against high-stakes testing. I cannot see how high-stakes testing does anything for the student. The only thing high-stakes testing does is give governments nameless scores that the governments pretend is useful in making decisions about eduction and education funding. Oh, and high-stakes testing also gives kids opportunity to be publicly shamed.

Six days ago, James Altucher wrote “My 10 year old last night couldn’t sleep because of pressures about NY standardized tests being given today. What a shame.”


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  1. Whaaat is up with that? And you are absolutely right, high stakes testing does nothing for students, teachers, schools, or parents… The troops on the front lines (teachers, students, parents) can and do testify about the negative pressures and stressors this creates. May God turn it all around and bless our schools, teachers, students, and families, once again. IJN

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