Why do ebooks and downloadable movies cost so much?

Why do ebooks and digital-download movies cost so much?

And why do consumers not revolt?

I am not the first person to talk about this, but it ticks me off that digital versions cost more than physical versions. It is foolish, insulting, and (I predict) unsustainable.

For years I have waited for Apple to allow artists (of every industry) to sell directly through iTunes. It surely is coming, even though, so far, Apple has had to appease the studios as they are still the gatekeepers of content.

In practice, however, here is no need for the middleman anymore. Anyone with a personal computer can make an album or movie or book. Distribution is now virtual; we no longer need the studio to cover the costs of printing and shipping.

In the old (physical media) model, the studios made all the money. Soon we can bypass them.

Note: I predict it will be Apple that brings this change.


One comment

  1. I believe that you are right again! It truly is a matter of the heavy weights – the studios – coming up to the year 2012!

    Love the omnidry video and the happy cat in the raincoat!

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