Mike Daisey’s one-man show not as great as early reviews raved.

I first heard about Mike Daisey’s one-man show, “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” when the NYTimes (my favorite paper) had an article on it a couple of weeks ago.

Since the show was about someone I very much admired, I read up on the show, I downloaded the script from Daisey’s site, I read multiple reviews, and I watched interviews on Youtube.

I didn’t like the script I read. It sounded… false. I started writing about it, but didn’t finish my writing. Everyone seemed to love the show. What John Gruber describes was also my experience: “Daisey’s supposed stories always set off my spidey sense“.

Now we know that Daisey was lying.



One comment

  1. The NY Times is a great paper! And your sixth sense about Daisey proved true. Thank God for the interpreter who could set the record straight.

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