Apple twice as big as Microsoft.

If AAPL gains 3%, or MSFT loses 3%, or any combination thereof, then AAPL will be twice as valuable than MSFT.

Twice as valuable. Insane.

A quick look at the numbers:
(As of March 13, 2012)

Apple Microsoft
Market Cap $530 bill $274 bill
P/E 16 12
EPS 35 2.76
Q1 2012 Revenues $43.3 bill $17.4 bill
Q1 2012 net profit $13 bill $5.7 bill

Both PEs look good, compared to the industry and to each company’s other fundamentals. Both stocks look like good buys.


  • Apple’s Earnings Per Share is… “insanely great”.
  • Apple’s Revenues are insane and sustainable for the foreseeable future.
  • Apple’s Profits will increase in the foreseeable future.

In 2012, Apple could likely break Exxon’s record as most profitable company in history. In 2007, Exxon pulled in $40 billion in profits… and they had a breathtaking $372 billion in revenue that year.



  1. That is amazing… I had no idea about Exxon’s revenue and profit!! And look at Apple go 🙂
    They top Microsoft in virtually every category (including products!). You have a keen business sense and made the information understandable! Thank you…

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