Just read “The Da Vinci Code”

Read The Da Vinci Code. In six hours. Here are my thoughts as I read:

  • Boy, the individual sentences are… not good sometimes.
  • Boy, the story is breathtaking. Absolutely riveting.
  • It is VERY difficult to tell what is true and what is made up
  • This book gets you questioning Christianity.
  • Wow. Brown takes some liberties with, uh, FACTS?
  • Where did Brown get his ideas? It is hard to believe that Brown (or any one person) came up with all those detailed conspiracy theories and detailed historical connections.
  • Why didn’t Sauniere simply tell his granddaughter before? Years before? Months before?
  • Huh? Teabing was the Teacher? And they all came to his house? Independently? And he was trying to kill them, then not trying to kill them, then trying to kill them?

One comment

  1. Ver intersting post. You covered the points very well. There is a good reason why after all these centuries, popular books come and go, but the number one best-seller is the Bible! Why? Well, Great Author, absolutely true stories, divine directions on how to live life to the fullest and most abundant… and it offers salvation, healing, deliverance, protection, provision, and a personal relationship with… now hold on… the Creator of the entire universe and everything in it. God.

    Wow, no wonder it is so powerful. Whew.

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