What I read…

I read a lot of articles each day. I really should share what I have read. So here’s what I read today (with simple notes):

Seth Godin. Of course.
Liked it.

Liked it.

Didn’t like it… though it was good. For some reason (perhaps I envy his lifestyle and success?) I think of Chris as a TV evangelist: preaching empty messages to serve himself.

Didn’t like it (though it was OK)

Loved it.

Loved it.

Loved it.

Loved the writing. The idea terrified me.

Loved it.


Boom. There’s honesty, and there’s real honesty. this is the second.

Loved it.

Liked it.

Hmm. Romney looks heartless and unethical. On Jan 5th, I wrote this:

What would it take to pull off a major theft?

The vast majority of people never consider the question. At least not seriously. That is why the vast majority of people hold jobs: they do not steal (significantly) from where they work; they do not plan elaborate strategies to clean out they company they work for.

But some people do think about how to pull off a heist. And not just in action movies.

As we have seen in action films, the amount of planning and money it takes to pull of a major heist is beyond the majority of people. But for those who do consider it, you can pull off grand theft, free and clear, in two arenas: the financial industry and religion.

Looks like I was right.


One comment

  1. Wow… so true about the heist arena; most people forget that it was the organized “church” that sought Jesus’ death….

    About the “human Barbie”; to look at the picture of the mother and daughter is to see how much more attractive, pretty, unspoiled, lovely, the daughter looks; and the mother could be jealous and wants to spoil her looks, too? Just a thought.

    The blog by Christ G? Perhaps the reason you don’t like him is because he is all about, (only about) himself; and as a teacher, you are all about nurturing and helping others grow; and that is the better part.

    Thank you for sharing. I watched and read things I didn’t know were out there… and learned in the process.

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