Only a tiny number of people know.

Today I read Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs. It was linked at DaringFireball.

Malcolm relates a detail from the recent biography on Steve Jobs:

He gets stopped for driving a hundred miles an hour, honks angrily at the officer for taking too long to write up the ticket, and then resumes his journey at a hundred miles an hour.

There are people who, upon reading this, feel a hot surge of anger.

But there are people who this instance of what looks like jerk behavior.

Not that they would drive 100 or endanger other people’s lives, but a small, small group of people understand what it is to need something so desperately that 100 miles an hour can not get you there fast enough. Only this tiny group have ever had that clarity of purpose.

Thank God for people who know that urgency.

(But Mr. Jobs should have slowed down.)


One comment

  1. Gotcha… Now don’t bother me, I’m busy barreling up on someone!

    Sound familiar? As Catlynn used to say, “There’s no joy in the journey for me; I just want/need to get there :-)”
    Love, Mom

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