I don’t care if it’s cheaper or free.

There are too many ads on the internet.

We’ve had sold so much we have sold everything.

Go to http://www.nba.com and you don’t get basketball. You get a little basketball and a violent assault of ads.

Go to http://www.nytimes.com and you don’t get The Times. You get The Times hidden in the midst of a barrage of ads.

Been to Facebook lately? The. Whole. Thing. Is. Ads.

Much has already been written about Google and ads. (Hint: YOU are the product, the advertisers are Google’s customer.)

Amazon’s Kindle is now ad-supplemented.

Selling ads is not as profitable as selling a product. But it certainly scales. Just sell more ads. And then more.

It’s not going to stop. And it’s already too much. What happened? What have we sold?



  1. Just to justify your phenomenal point, Mr. Huhn, there is an add that was placed just below this post of yours.

    I believe that the problem is Children. If we didn’t have ads, our nation’s children wouldn’t be constantly begging and crying for that new toy or new product. This whining, I’m guessing, drives some (if not most) parents insane, so they buy the product thus producing revenue for the manufacturer and encouraging them that more advertisements are the answer.

    Some ads are okay, but if I cannot even check my e-mail without something irrelevant being shoved down my eye sockets, something is seriously wrong.

    Thomas Barrows

  2. So true… the good news is that markets become obsolete… check out the yellow pages in the phone book for advertising and pictures 🙂 Right now on the net, you are so right, things that once took half a second to load now take several seconds (at least)! And, today when I logged in (or tried) to gmail, a page popped up that asked for my DOB before I could go any further…

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