In defense of Mitt Romney and the Republican candidates. Wait. What?

If there is someone who does not accept Evolution, it is not because they have not been taught it. Evolution has been taught for over one hundred years. There must be other reasons that a person struggles to accept Evolution. The obvious, and common, explanation is religion. But could there be other reasons?

There do exist some rationale obstacles. All of which are removed by science, but that is another obstacle, as we will see.

One obstacle is that we do not observe cross-species evolution taking place. We do witness biological evolution when it is forced. We humans intentionally make new breeds of dogs or new types of flowers. But even in our best labs, we never see cross-species evolution.

In all living things we see natural adaptation and hybridization, but for as long as we’ve kept records, and for as much technology as we’ve acquired, we have never witnessed one species becoming another species. (Simply because our life-span is not long enough and for evolutionary reasons cannot be long enough. An organism can only be a small part of complex change.)

Which is the second obstacle: time. If we were to be honest, billions of years sounds like science-fiction no matter how much hard science is behind it. The complexity of organisms and the complexity within each part of each organism is a problem for Evolution, no matter how many past years one gives it.

The world, and universe, is entirely self-propagating. That much is obvious and true. We do get to witness that. Obstacles arise with the two time-related questions: “How did it all start?” and “How did we get to this point?” And those are the two questions people ask. The first is typically asked out of closed defensiveness. The second is typically asked out of healthy curiosity.

Which brings us (back) to the obstacle of science.

The percentage of people reading, studying, or keeping up with the hard science is quite small. A person has likely been taught Evolution, but how much and how long ago? And without knowing the hard (and often newest) science, Evolution requires almost as much faith as religious, mythical explanations.


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