Apple to introduce a new kind of computer?

There has been some speculation recently that Apple is at work on a new type of computer, and that they will introduce it later this year.

What follows is pure speculation:

What if Apple makes a desktop/pocket iOS device? An iPhone without the screen? You and I can do almost everything we need to do in iOS. What if our “desktop” computer ran iOS?

I picture something the same cubic volume as an iPhone (it can fit in a pocket so is smaller than Apple TV, but its dimensions need not account for a screen) that either connects to a monitor (via Mini DisplayPort) and/or has a built-in pico-project (which, to date, have too poor of quality for Apple’s standards). You would simply need a monitor, keyboard… and a Magic Trackpad. Boom. $299 computer (not counting peripherals). Check and mate.

The problem, of course, would be the visual feedback as you would no longer be physically touching your screen (except to point at things on your friend’s monitors and leave smudges). I envision a circle (that is only visible during trackpad use), like we see in various touch-system demos, but I don’t know how effective that would be.



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