It’s too many ads, folks.

There are too many ads on the internet.

We’ve had sold so much we have sold everything.

Go to and you don’t get basketball. You get a little basketball and a violent assault of ads.

Go to and you don’t get The Times. You get The Times hidden in the midst of a barrage of ads.

Been to Facebook lately? The. Whole. Thing. Is. Ads.

It’s too much. What happened? What have we sold?



  1. Grant,

    We’re in the death throes of the traditional ad-supported media industry. As anything twirls, lurches and gasps for that last breath, its bound to splatter itself all over everything.

    The traditional model of ad-supported industries has been innovation by creative firms and follow up by media outlets. In recent years, the media has been forced to innovate, while ad models are largely unchanged since the 1960s.

    In many instances, ad teams are trying to stay in front of innovation with outdated ad models.

    The ad industry needs to reinvent itself purposefully rather than because they are forced to.

    This does not speak at all to the fact that we are consuming like never before.

    I tend to take a hard look at things within and affecting my industry, and I worry more about the ad side than I do about traditional journalism, which will undoubtably survive. It will have to be paid for, and without a viable ad system, our world will become ever more plastered with the ubiquitous ugliness of the death of ads.


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