The Hangover II

Well, the film “The Hangover II” is out. And it’s going to have a big opening week. I hope the studio recoups their budget… because I predict sales will drop off quickly. Here’s why:

It just isn’t funny.

I remember watching the first one (Q: How long will the studio milk this? A: As absolutely long as they can.) and I don’t remember laughing once.

“But it was so funny!” people say to me.

“Which parts were funny?” I ask.

“Well, you know… the part… the part when… Oh! I know! Remember when there was a tiger in the bathroom!” they exclaim, faces flush with empty triumph.

“Yes, I do.” I say, honestly and sadly. “What was funny about it?”

“Well…” they continue desperately, vainly. “Remember when… Oh man! Remember the Chinese guy?!”

“Yeah.” I pause. “He had a Chinese accent.” Am I supposed to laugh at Chinese accents? What a tired, horrible gag.

Their eyes widen slightly with the panic that comes as your core beliefs are about to be touched. “What about when he was naked?” they say, hopefully.

“I don’t remember that part.” Which is true. Why would I? Was it funny?

Here’s my theory: “The Hangover” was only popular for two reasons:

1) People believed they were supposed to think it was funny because they believed everyone else thought it was funny. Sound familiar? Yeah. People are like that.

2) Zach Galifianakis has a fun affect (second definition). I do enjoy most all of the comedy I have seen from him.

I may be alone in my dislike for “The Hangover” and however many sequels the studio foists on us. That’s OK. Not only do I dislike the Emperor’s new clothes (he’s naked, people!), I also dislike that people think his new clothes are great.



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