Grumpy Man says:

I have been uncharacteristically cranky lately. That could be part of my irritability. This doesn’t help:

Do. Not. Kiss. On. The. Ear.

This morning in church a lady with an adorable baby repeatedly kissed her baby full on the ear hole.

Sweet Mary and Joseph! Do some people not think at all? Ever? Do they never fire a synapse? Ever?

Why would you kiss someone in their ear? Does the person kissing not use their ears (in addition to not using their brains)? Have they no concept of loudness and proximity?

In case you cannot tell, I have been kissed directly over the ear hole. It is unpleasant.

“Please pray for us. The doctor just told us that our son is partially deaf.”

No sh*t.

Why don’t you have someone repeatedly kiss you directly on your ear hole.

Or just think it through. You know, with your brain.

Grumpy Man out.


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