Circumstance and Coincidence.

In 1929, Joseph Campbell returned from Europe, not having earned his doctorate degree due to lack of support from the university. He returned during The Great Depression and finds no work. So he reads for nine hours everyday for five years. He then is offered a teaching job at a small, all-girls college, where he taught for 38 years. During those years teaching, he made sense of, and connected many of the things he had read earlier, and he met several people who helped shape his thinking. He put his thoughts into his seminal work, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”. And he formulated his philosophy, “Follow your bliss.”

Before all that, however, in 1924, on a boat returning from Europe with his family, 20-year-old Joseph Campbell meets Jiddu Krishnamurti. The meeting affected Campbell.

Before all that, however, Jiddu had been considered “dim-witted” and “moronic”, and was frequently beaten as a child. But, 20 years before his meeting with Campbell, Jiddu was at a beach he frequented when he was “discovered” by Charles Webster Leadbeater (who was rumored to have an interest in young men). In spite of Jiddu’s reputation, Leadbeater insisted that Jiddu would become “a spiritual teacher and a great orator”. Leadbeater set to work educating and protecting Jiddu, who did, indeed, became what Leadbeater had prophesied–perhaps exceeding the prophesy.

The paths and connections are too impossible to predict or plan (although they do fit “The Hero’s Journey”). Such is the nature of life: circumstance and coincidence are everything/not/neither circumstantial or coincidental. (what was I originally going to say?)


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  1. Very good… we do indeed have a promise from God that “all things work together for good to them that love God….” Consider poor/exceptionally blessed Joseph!

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