# 21 of 21: We made it

Day 21: Thanks for being a part of this simple journey. Note: you can access all these tips and points any time, now or in the future, at this link: https://granthuhn.wordpress.com/category/sharing/

Let’s look at the ground we covered:

Day 20: You and I progress according to our understanding. All progress moves in one direction. This is not, however, the horror of conformity of behavior; it is the result of understanding what someone else understands; our understanding affects our behavior. Crudely stated: If you don’t appreciate certain products or ideas, it is only because you don’t understand. And while that sounds elitist and condescending, it is true and is tempered by the equal truth: It’s OK that I don’t understand. My life loses none of its value if I never appreciate wine or Maybach or Apple. However, increased understanding moves us toward appreciating those things, never away; we may never own them, indeed, increased understanding may move us away from desiring objects, but we will appreciate those products and ideas. Plus, there are links to some cool readings and products.

Day 19: It’s time for TED. You must watch these videos. No question. Not taking time to watch these (especially if you take time to watch other videos or play games) or resisting the suggestion out of misdirected defiance (“Nobody tells me what to do”) is doing a great disservice to yourself.

Day 18: One email to rule them all. You can send (almost) all your email accounts to your iPhone. Cool. But you can also merge (almost) all you accounts into your MobileMe account. Kinda like we’re livin’ in the 21st century(!). Also, you can send all your calendars to the iPhone calendar. All your email in one app AND all your calendars in one app. How very 21st century. (BONUS: google reader)

Day 17: Eight more apps you need.

Day 16: Twelve free, dynamite iPhone apps. Make your life better. For free.

Day 15: Two iPhone cases shown and reviewed. Plus, my free, homemade, uber-cool iPhone stand. (video)

Day 14: Three typing tricks (on the iPhone) (video)

Day 13: How to take a screen-shot on your iPhone (video)

Day 12: Our journey so far…

Day 11: Subordination and Coordination. You do not need to know or remember the grammatical terms… you do need to remember “FANBOYS”, remember to use a comma and a FANBOYS between two independent clauses in a sentence, and remember to put a comma after a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence.

Day 10: Freewriting. The single best writing exercise. Certainly, you and I will need to do other kinds of writing at times, but nothing improves our writing like freewriting.

Day 9: Dynamic Dialog: Sharpen the dialog you write. For graduate-level study of this, turn to: “The Art of Dramatic Writing” by Lajos Egri.

Day 8: Growing Sentences: You do not need to know or remember the grammatical terms here (like: “interrupting modifier” or “absolute construction”), just write, baby. And share what you wrote.

Day 7: Show, Don’t Tell: Keep this in mind when you write. You will get this fairly quickly.

Day 6: Active vs Passive: It takes a couple of times studying this or practicing this before you get it and can wield it well.

Day 5: Chiasmus, baby, chiasmus.

Day 4: Avoid Negative Info: Tell your reader what happened, not what didn’t happen or what almost happened. Also, avoid “not”; use “no” or “never” or change it to a positive statement.

Day 3: Parallel Structure: Foundational. This must be done.

Day 2: The Books on My Path to Enlightenment: Read this list and the comments. Read the books. What are your thoughts?

Day 1: Books I Couldn’t Put Down. Great comments. Chime in. What do you think?


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