#18 of 21: iPhone: One Email to Rule Them All

One Email to Rule Them All
You can send (just about) any email service to your iPhone. You probably knew that. Send your work email, your gmail, yahoo, hotmail, me.com, etc to the iPhone’s Mail app. You can have an unlimited number of email accounts fed to your iPhone. Cool. And handy.

Did you know you can merge your email accounts? You can send your various email accounts to your MobileMe account, so all your emails show up in the same Inbox. BUT, when you reply, they get sent from the original account(!) Brilliant.

I had the link to the directions. I had saved them several times. Today, I spent two hours looking (everywhere) for that link. So, you’ll have to find the directions on your own. Unless I imagined them. Which is what I’m beginning to believe.

One Calendar to Rule Them All
You can “subscribe” to any (digital) calendar in iPhone’s calendar. For a while you’ve been able to “feed” any digital calendar into any other one. So, understandably, you can do this with the calendar app on the iPhone.

Maybe your spouse keeps an iCal calendar, you use a couple of google calendars (personal, birthdays, soccer club, swim team), and your work uses Outlook. Send ’em all to the iPhone calendar. You can set up alerts for the individual events.

Oh, go look up the directions yourself.

Google reader. Use it. Here is a pic of the RSS feeds I subscribe to:

Here are feeds you should read:
Seth Godin (http://feeds.feedburner.com/typepad/sethsmainblog)
Ryan Holiday (http://feeds.feedburner.com/rudiusmedia/rch)
Tim Ferriss (http://feeds.feedburner.com/TimFerriss)


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