#16 of 21: iPhone: You Need These Apps (oh yeah, they’re free)

The Necessary, Free Apps:

1. ReQall (free)

Here’s a good intro to ReQall
Here’s the app.
Here’s the website

I used to use google tasks with the URL added to the Home Screen. That set-up works/ed great. It’s just that ReQall is better than great.

2. Evernote (free)

Easy, powerful, useful. How often do we get all three? Get Evernote. Capture everything. Search what you’ve captured. Check out the introduction at their website and the videos.

Here’s the official intro to Evernote
Here’s the app.
Here’s the website

3. PageOnce Personal Assistant (free)

Very useful. Check all your accounts (utilities, travel, financial, etc) in one app… at a glance.

Here’s an intro with video (at bottom)
Here’s the app.
Here’s their website

4. Now Playing (free)

Not as well-known as Flixster , but Now Playing does everything Flixster does (the iPhone app–Flixster the website does the share-your-reviews thing)… plus allows you to manage your NetFlix account and queue(!)

Read reviews, locate theaters and show times, even purchase tickets, manage your NetFlix account and queue.

The developer’s site (on Google Code)
Get the app

5. google app (free)

Use voice recognition (or text, the voice recognition is slick, though) to search the web, local, or your contacts. Simply speak into the iPhone, and Google does the rest. Plus access all your google apps–very useful for me; I use: google docs, gmail, notebook, reader (which is the best RSS reader for the iPhone I’ve found), calendar, tasks, GOOG-411,

Get it here

6. Facebook (free)

This app is bad. So is Facebook’s mobile site. But you gotta use ’em, so whaddya gonna do?

Get the app… but you’ll miss the full website

– You can’t reply to certain posts (I haven’t been able to figure out the limiting factors)
– you can’t even see Notes
– the mobile site is buggy and s-l-o-w.
+ VERY easy to upload photos from your iPhone

7. ezLoan (free, for now)

Calculate mortgage payments. No, not everyone needs this, but it works great, looks great… and does side-by-side comparisons!

Here it is

8. WordPress (free)

If you’ve got a WordPress.com blog, you need this. Very easy to use. Doesn’t do formatting or lists.

9. DrinkSpiration (free)

I don’t drink much (twice a year), but this app is beautiful. The UI is clever, intuitive, and enjoyable. You can look up drinks a million different ways.

10. iDisk (free)

It’s finally here. And it works. Obviously, this is only of use to folks with MobileMe accounts. (Apple sells ’em for $99, amazon for $68, and you can get ’em on eBay for around $65) For $6 / month, this is a nice addition to your digital lifestyle.

11. gNotes (free)

Only for people who already use google Notebook (as google no longer allows new accounts). Excellent implementation. Replaces Notes (native app), WriteRoom, and all other note apps.

12. Animoto (free)

I use Animoto. For myself and for video clients. A polished app. I love this company and enjoy supporting them.


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