#12 of 21: Review Thus Far…

#11: Subordination and Coordination. You do not need to know or remember the grammatical terms… you do need to remember “FANBOYS”, remember to use a comma and a FANBOYS between two independent clauses in a sentence, and remember to put a comma after a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence.

#10: Freewriting. The single best writing exercise. Certainly, you and I will need to do other kinds of writing at times, but nothing improves our writing like freewriting.

#9: Dynamic Dialog: Sharpen the dialog you write. For graduate-level study of this, turn to: “The Art of Dramatic Writing” by Lajos Egri.

#8: Growing Sentences: You do not need to know or remember the grammatical terms here (like: “interrupting modifier” or “absolute construction”), just write, baby. And share what you wrote.

#7: Show, Don’t Tell: Keep this in mind when you write. You will get this fairly quickly.

#6: Active vs Passive: It takes a couple of times studying this or practicing this before you get it and can wield it well.

#5: Chiasmus, baby. Chiasmus.

#4: Avoid Negative Info: Tell your reader what happened, not what didn’t happen or what almost happened. Also, avoid “not”; use “no” or “never” or change it to a positive statement.

#3: Parallel Structure: Foundational. This must be done.

#2: The Books on My Path to Enlightenment: Read this list and the comments. Read the books. What are your thoughts?

#1: Books I Couldn’t Put Down. Great comments. Chime in. What do you think?


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