#9 of 21: Writing: Dynamic Dialog

We authors cheat when we write – especially when we write dialogue.

Normal conversations go like this:-

‘Hi. How are you?’
‘Good. And you?’
‘I was thinking of going shopping.’
‘Oh. What for?’
‘My mother gave me some money for my birthday and I need a new skirt.’
‘Sounds great. Count me in.’

We can talk much more quickly than we read, so in real conversations we don’t mind a bit of rambling, or ‘uhm’ and ‘er’ mixed up in the words. However, reading takes effort, so to keep things moving writers cheat and cut right to the interesting part.

‘Hey, my mom gave me some money for my birthday. Want to go shopping?’
‘Sounds great. Count me in.’

(from: http://www.highlightingwriting.com/writingtips/dynamicdialogue.php)



  1. Wow! I am truly impressed by the depth and wealth of knowledge you have about writing, my dear son. Though I write everyday for school and occasionally for publication, I do not stop and think of these things.

    Now I want to take a course in writing. We know when we read something that is well-written: for example, the works of C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald; but there is a lot of mediocre out there, too!

    Keep up the great work of intimacy and mastery in life. The spontaneity and fun and the accomplishment. You do all things well. Love, Mom.

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