How to lead.

What I have learned about leading:

  • People need to be led.
  • Leadership is the greatest need. (These first two points really are different. The first points out that humans are not good at leading themselves and that humans follow. This second point says that there is a great “leadership famine” in the world. The are very, very few good leaders.)
  • The primary task of a leader is to create culture. (from Mark Batterson)
  • Leaders must have vision. They must know where we are going and what we are going to be like. They must spend time on vision.
  • Don’t use mitigated speech.
  • Ask questions that cause reflection and discovery. This skill is gained through wisdom, and…
  • Wisdom is gained primarily through reading. (Yes, you can gain wisdom through listening and experience, but not as quickly or fully as through reading.)

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