Nothing happens on its own.

It takes 6 months to dabble. It takes 10 years to master.

Nothing happens instantly or on its own.

Nothing happens by itself.

God knows that nothing happens by itself. That is why his friends and prophets could sin and still be annointed.

God does not choose only the strongest of will; only those most capable of enduring.

Yet He still holds humans fully accountable, liable, responsible for their actions. For each of our actions. He still requires us to live holy, which is terrific work.

He expects/requires a great deal.

Because, and as an example of the fact that, we are made in his image, which means we have full, free will.

This is the way in which we are made in his image: we have full control over our actions. Even though our actions are the result of forces and conditions that began before us.

God places great value on effort.

To give us free will, he had to give us free will, which means he had to give us options to choose. But why those options? Those must be the only options: knowledge of good and evil, and life.

God must put forth great effort, then. The creation of the universe, the years Jesus was human, the answering of prayer. These things must require something of God. Or he has not made us in his image.

It was only after sin that we had to work to survive. Prior to that, there was still work. Nothing happened magically, effortlessly.


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