Teaching is about…

It seems that the quality of teaching is dependent on: the personal organization and the passion of the teacher.

There has got to be a way to stay ahead of all that is required. But I don’t know if I know any teachers who do.

Maybe there isn’t an answer to the question: “How do I teach?” Because if there was an answer, we surely would have found it by now. There is an endless deluge of writing about teaching. There are new discoveries, new fail-proof strategies, and new best practices uncovered each day.

While there may not be an answer to that question, thousands of teachers around the planet are doing the answer, whether they could articulate their solution or not.

Perhaps the secret to success is the same old secret to success that has always been, that everyone knows, and that is–nonetheless–elusive. Perhaps the way to teach is: passion, enthusiasm, discipline, focus, determination, persistence, positiveness, single-mindedness, organization.

In short, all the things that are personal and so difficult to come by.


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