V for Vendetta

dir. by James McTeigue
written by Larry Wachowski, Andy Wachowski


What does she look at before she tricks him? why does she trick him? how did she know what he would do so she could double-cross him? didn’t she realize he could/would kill her? She had seen him in action and knew he could get anyone.

How does he know so much about the people he kills? when, how does he track their whereabouts? how does he know the bishop’s secret dailiances, which “agency” the bishop’s aide calls, and when he would call?

How does V know who is investigating him and send him the email?

We see him kill two people, briefly referred to as “members of parliment”. When did he kill all the others we see on the inspector’s screen?

What is the “air attack” / “train report” report scene about? why would the inspector file a “train report”? isn’t he trying to keep a low profile? What does that have to do with anything?

What’s with the strong homosexuality message? If Evey is such a fearful person who falls in line, wouldn’t she follow the government’s position on homosexuality? people don’t accept what isn’t accepted. Unless they are rebellious by nature. Maybe her sympathies toward homosexuality are to show that she has a rebellious nature.

Why do people about to be arrested run into the room with the child/young girl in it? Isn’t that leading the police straight to the innocent? And why did it happen identically with her mom and the TV dude?

What was with the TV dude? A Nazi poster on the wall? A small selection of artistic, yet explicit, homosexual images?

Was she a prostitute? Why was she to go to the producer’s house that night? Later he said, “I’m supposed to ‘entertain’ young ladies such as yourself’.”

How does V get food? How does he get money? Eggs must be fresh. Where does he get them?

How did V get so very good at fighting? That would take about 10 years of disciplined, purposeful study. The only time we see him “practicing” he is mimicing an old movie. Are they suggesting he learned swordplay from old Hollywood movies?

How did he survive being burned? That extent of burns would be deadly. Recovery from less severe burns would require years of expensive care.

How did the lady doctor not know what was going on at Larkhill?

Why did V grow, and use, the special roses that the lesbian grew?

Is Evey a lesbian? V asks what she feels after reading the note.

Are we supposed to distrust government or feel for homosexuals? The movie seems to vacilate unpredicatably between those two messages.

A mix of England events, and American events.

“The genius of the plan was FEAR”

How does he know the inspector’s character? How will he know when Creedy is under survielience?

Who is Settler? I don’t remember hearing that name before 1:30:00 in.??

Why the sudden change in the inspector??

Where does he get the money for all the masks?

Why does V want chaos?

“He knows us better than we know ourselves”
“I felt like I could see everything that had happened and everything that was going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern laid out in front of me. A we are all part of it…. I can guess what will happen. Someone will do something stupid. And when they do, things will turn nasty. And they Settler will be forced to do

What does the TV personality drop in the trash can and burn during the montage?

Holy smoke!! What if they show how everything ties together before the movie ends??

setting up those dominoes would have taken days!!

great acting with a mask on!! Usually that takes away the character. lots of gentle bowing of the head.

Modern police/crime work can’t find V after a year!

Evey still has a buzz cut!?

Does Evey almost kiss V before she leaves–after the torture?? Strange.

A disco ball?! during the dance.

Some Shakespeare quoting. THAT”S MY IDEA!!

I am not my face.

“What usually happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns.”

Where did he get the money for tracks, trains, tons of explosives.

She does kiss the mask?!

V’s attack at the end was not as cool as it could have been. It should have been more: “Equilibrium”. The soldiers would have, should have, ran, ducked, etc

Why does he bleed so if he was wearing the armor?

I fell in love with you Evey. Really?

What? The inspector somehow knows where? Too cliche! The inspector’s assistant said: “We’ve searched these tunnels before, what makes you think we’ll find him now?” Exactly. How… why does the inspector know it will be by train? And from that tunnel?

Did this Guy —- person really exist?

Spectacular explosion at the end! The fireworks are too unrealistic. There’s a way to blow up a building, but here’s no way to make the fireworks happen like that.

Fireworks = America’s 4th of July??

Ending?? “I won’t forget the man” What the heck does that mean? Was this movie really about a man? I thought it was about the corruption of government. Or homosexuality.

Comic books are movies! The angles. The settings. The lighting. The characters. The panels are frames.

The stunts don’t look so cool in real life. It is the editing that make stunts cool. Each shot is pretty short: one shot=guy gets hit; reset, next shot=guy flying background (for just a couple feet); reset cam, next shot=guy flying into wall.

Hmm! A One-party state = a facist state.

Note: different angles, compositions, framing during newspaper montage.

note: rack focus as pan across down-and-out guys sitting at bar

note: boom mic guy so close to action. keeps mic within 3 feet of char’s mouth

Wanted to keep the mask on, so it’s different from other stories. I don’t think that’s a good choice.

How to show Evey change from passive to revolutionary?? Patiently.

There’s a little glow and color-something in the footage of Evey when a child.

Terrorist = Freedom fighter. Tough sell. But good question.

An ancient warning about opressive government.

Leave it up to the audience to interpret. (As opposed to what Michael Bay does)

A LOT of ideas here. Many good lines. Obviously a work that happened over years–the comic series.


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