World Trade Center

World Trade Center
Oliver Stone

Nicolas’ last fantasy was confusing.

The film was a bit flat emotinally. Not completely flat, but it did not have any big emotional moments. The reason it didn’t, I think, is that none of the characters wept. This was strange to me and almost enough to take me out of the story as I wondered, “Why isn’t anyone really crying?”

Different than Hollywood movies, but closer to reality, the characters did not have an “arc”. None of them changed in character over the course of the story. American movie audiences are pretty conditioned to seeing character change, in fact, that is the whole or main story in most Hollywood movies: the jerk softens up, the arrogant guy learns to appreciate others, a loser becomes a winner, etc, etc. We know it’s not real, but it’s all we’re offered.

In “World Trade Center”, however, the characters don’t undergo any transformation.


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