The Island

Michael Bay can film women:
white: slightly overexposed. Bright. Fresh. He can also shoot black, dark, sexy. ie: Victoria Secret
dramatic lighting. soft light. smooth, soft skin.

setting up characters and story: the bitter guy at back of elevator (7 yrs), short guy (2 yrs), Hero (3 yrs). he’s a little sarcastic–a little sense of humor, “cute”
Island: only pathogene-free zone in the world
there’s a lottery
everyone is always watched
the work is surly

how does main girl know main guy? that is not clear

everyone is beautiful??
camera dollys around slowly as the two guys talk. intercut with CUs: hairline to just below chin, framed on opposite sides of frame.

beautiful sets!!

It hurts
no it doesn’t
yes. it does
no it doesn’t

afterward, you’ll pass them through your urine. that will hurt

“They found another survivor”

lottery’s supposed to be random, right?

camera always moving… slowly: crane, dolly, track, follow. dolly alongside two people facing each other talking

“you think with all the money this place is racking in…” ??? hint

camera shows, and follows, the slime running off the table onto the floor, and shoe

follow Steve Buscemi into that room… that’s how (why) we get into the room and see an extraction

fight: camera CU: steadicam, handheld
girls: lit from below
camera move around person as they talk: from side of face to 3/4 front. also: contained light, ie: only in face
camera dollies quickly from behind person, showing what they see, by person, pan as it passes to show their face–their reaction
camera moves across a large area and up (revealing area) as a person runs across area

and then… things heat up.

during chase scene: handheld MS, intercut with LS
during beating: handheld: MCU almost all from same pov, intercut with some CU (of her yelling, “stop”)

whoa: people conditioned with “MTV-style” video
handheld, whip (fast) pans during search in giant room

“still think there’s an island?”

??they kinda run a long way… too far in theat heat.
helicopter shot as they stand on mountain: circles around them

finally we get to see what they’re doing in that building
lies about engineered people

exposition when director talks with securtiy: “after years of failed research, [they had to let the people become people]

camera dollies in at angle and pans to keep subject

mini, chrome gas can flask. cool.

we hear the rest of the story, plot from Steve Buscemi in his crummy mobile home.

“you want to trade your rosy memories for my shitty childhood”

Steve tells too much.
She asks too intelligent of questions

“you know how many laws Meric is breaking”

push in on Ewan: “we’re not asking for your permission, we’re asking for your help”

we really can’t see the character’s face when he falls over the edge onto the glass shelves.

really cool mix of future-tech and real city
real cool train in desert

how’d they get off the train???
Bay put smoke in the shot!! When she sees herself in the window
cool: only opposite eye in sharp focus

cut to the work that the searchers are doing

chase: handheld: follow, then lead (looking back).
then a cool ELS bev

cool idea: releasing the train wheels… and the hits!!
super cool air bike!
what an exciting action sequence
that’s a lot of destruction… done right. logical. pretty extravagant, but not cobbled together just for show

they don’t need to drink or eat??

Man, i love concrete houses. those cantaleved stairs!!
beautiful job with both guys in the same room
Ewan’s acting! when he apes himself. when he plays sleazy. when he falls after being shot. his two smiles: lying, truthful

love scene: camera dollies around, behind things in the room: vases on the table, flowers, fabric
the sun right between them when they kiss

girl: hair in face

security guy: branded
at some point you realize: war… it’s a business. so… when did killing become a business for you?

ending: hero fights bad director: too cliche. not satisfying
lots of beautiful women.
again: her hair in her face. her lips parted.
bev push?!
black dude really sweaty.
cut to prologue.
Oh, that boat is cool.

super cool titling: “The Future in Action”

boat: wallypower

why do directors think they are god?
“I…” “Me…” on and on.
WOW. Is Michael Bay the biggest ass on the planet? Possibly. He thinks too highly of himself. He really thinks he is God. Yikes! Must be a nightmare to work for.

What I like about this movie is the SLOW REVEAL. 20 mins, you think, what is going on here? something is not right.
(kept getting yacht brochures. I’m not gonna rent one for 1/4 million a year. but it gave me the idea.

the problem with The Island (why it never connected with viewers) is that Bay has no respect for the audience: there is never a moment where you don’t know what is going to happen or how the story will play out. And the characters are too perfect; it is easier for us to root for heroes with flaws


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