preview for Lady in the Water
Shamaylan can unfold a story. The trailer is pretty storytelling.

preivew for The New World.
its all about light. The titles, the scenes. the characters.

I liked the simplicity of “Participant Pictures” logo
hear music long before see image
first image: very dusty, foggy, silent. there IS an establishing shot, though brief

steadicam as the men get on the bus
steadicam in the livingroom / club scene
steadicam following George, and when he arms the rockets.

37,000 companies
will create the 23rd largest economy in the world (the 23rd largest country)

Matt Damon character: knows his field. the way it should be whether: education, film, storytelling, student learning

brutal! treatment of immigrant workers. not just america… all over the world

promises without a plan… empty. “As soon as we get a house, we’ll bring your mother here. I promise.”

a lot of different stories, but they work. George has a son: typical father-son tension story, but it works. it doesn’t come across as cliche

MCU of soldier’s club as he walks by the line

Amanda Peet should have cried MUCH harder at her son’s funeral
MCU son’s hand on dad’s (Matt) back

story pretty convoluted. too chopped up.
Bennett char: classic: man of integrity in corrupt industry and wading deeper.

“Are you a king? Can you tell me what you want?” That the definition of a king?

boring slideshow meeting Bob (George) has to go to. What did George do? Sellling the missle?

the stories on all the sides of the story are very compelling. the story is OK: oil. the stories on all the sides are engaging: George, Matt, Bennett.

crazy location: all the empty pools. what a scene! they arrange the death of that guy.

bartenders are gone.

Bob is all alone in hospital

Matt and Amanda. He is excited about what he’s doing. She doesn’t understand it.

shows: economics brings people to desperation. when they’re desperate, they’ll do radical things. desperate things. and how the radical prey on the desperate

cool way to build tension: call from security company

very intelligent story. few people could write this
nothing fancy with the directing. lots of CUs. steadicam. the viewer is right in the moment,

“we’re looking for the ILLUSION of Due Diligence

Matt = small potatoe. He thinks the 2nd son can become emir. He can’t see, doesn’t know, how bigger it goes.
who’s up in the room looking down on Connex-Killen ceremony??
if need an ELS to show scale or the whole scene, don’t do it handheld because it will look like POV

shows the causualties: intentional (suicide bomber), unintentional (George trying to save the 2nd son, Bennett’s integrity,

2 handheld cams: when checking the weapons.

the star of the movie is the screenplay. so everyone wants to be a part

I’ve always had success with ensemble pieces. the roles are small. the show is the star

when you go On Location, it makes a big difference, “So this is what this story is about.” (Morocco)

based on true events. based on Bob Baer’s book

where we would go, “That’s deep enough into the cave. That’s where he starts”

not trying to make a policital statement, just trying to tell the story

camera a long ways away from subject in cut airport and cafe scenes: Bob and wife. prob: 40 ft.

closeups: bandaged fingers on mouse, face searching screen, hands typing on keyboard, fingers on mouse.

just show a CIA operative at the end of his career. no prospects. can’t hold anything together.

what’s the point of entry

see Wasseem working in oil fields and living in immigrant trailer, then CUT TO: George’s son at Princeton. Show Wasseem laughing and kidding with his friends, we see they are not much different.

They gun putting the gun to George’s head at the beginning is the Islamic school leader who gets Wasseem to suicide bomb

“the miracle of the art form of film, is take world that is a world away and just people who want better lives for their children… for life on earth to move forward


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