The Warriors

Gangs seem cartoonish and infantile to us (well, most of us). And, indeed, in this movie, the gangs are as cartoonish as in any movie–some of the “uniforms” are laugh-out-loud comical… and expensive.

There are a great many gang movies, and although it makes for enjoyable escapism, it is very difficult to believe in Hollywood’s version of the gang world… or world of gangs.

“Miracles is the way things ought to be” Huh? What does that even mean?
20,000 hard-core members… 60,000 soldiers?! This is part of what I was talking about. We are to believe that there are 60,000 gang members in one town?

Here, like in Rumble Fish, all the “hoods” are clean and clean-shaven, which always makes it hard for me to “suspend belief”

A bit of melodrama, ie: “I got one question (dramatic pause)…”

Wha-?! The gangs are run like military troops?! We are to believe that they line up, face forward, and respond in unison??

Nice use of music incorporated into story. Cool city night shots. Cool (albeit cartoonish) characters.

Oh man!!!! The base-ball gang! Hi-larious. And the next gang has a custom bus!!

Why would they run down the middle of the street?! The cinematography is great!

The guy who did the shooting is a great character. The Orphans are kinda cool.

The character of “Mercy” is annoying, but the story that ensues is interesting.

Some great blocking and compositions.

Why does Mercy follow them? It is a little hard to tell she was following them because of camera angles and direction. Character walks into a CU often = someone grabs them.

Some cool (and harsh) lines in the exchange with Mercy.
Some really cool dialogue. That one guy: “Hey wait a minute, I gotta ask a question…” That must just be his line.

The story moves forward steadily. Lots of good tension, drama, and story, with exposition and character development.

Good tension: the train isn’t moving, the station is empty. The camera pans across trains and station. Foot steps approach. Nice visual storytelling. Those stations are huge. Nice use of the setting. Great storytelling! They escape a tight situation, and find themselves in a tighter one. Nice. The continuous chase is nice, too. The guys (Warriors) are on the run for most of the movie. Coo strategizing: divide, then get behind them and pick one off.

So cool!: the Warriors, as they are trying to get back to Coney, escape or pick off the other gangs. And the lady DJ narrates, through clever dialogue, for the whole town.

Hey! The one guy, who always says “Are you going faggot”, in the Warriors looks like the bad man in “No Country for Old Men”.

Their ranks have gotten thinned.

The girl in the park is a bit forward. Oh man! That’s why! She’s a stool for the cops.

I love well-lit night scenes! I also love the NY of the 70’s and 80’s, with fresh paint on wood, subway stations, little hideaways, alleys, boroughs,

Interesting watching the stereotype of girls who are forward and guys who are rude to those girls and who aren’t eager for sex. That is a strange reality. Is it, as I has theorized, the celebration of the passionate woman, or is it male fantasy? Or is it what people, women included, thought women of the time wanted? We are so eager to follow, that we’ll agree to almost any trend.

Why is he so mean to Mercy? He has no reason to; and he has no motivation: she hasn’t done anything to him.

How do the girls have a jukebox? Why are all the women forward… and all the guys hesitant?
Now they escape a gang of girls! Kinda comical… but kinda cool.

Lots of empty places. Cool. Adds tension. Cool shots when the rollerskate (pause for laughter) gang follows. I guess that would be like skateboarding today. cool, not dorky.
Oh man! Not just rollerskates but overalls!!

Beautiful lighting.

Good fight scene in the bathroom

“All you gotta do is figure out what’s worth stealin'”

Cool pan, and shots, of Coney.

“War-i-ers, come out to play-e-ay” really is a cool scene. The crazy guy is crazy. The showdown is cool. The DJ’s final report is cool. The “beauty shot” is nice.


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