Stranger Than Fiction

cursory knowledge of the city

1: has anyone recently left any gifts outside your home? money? a large wooden horse?

2) do you find yourself inclined to solve murder mysteries in large, luxosious homes to which you may or may not have been invited?

3) on a scale of one to ten, what would you consider the likelihood you might be assasinated?

3b) are you the king of anything? king of the lanes? King of the trolls? A clandestine land found underneath your floorboards?

Let’s start with ridiculous and move backwards

4) was any part of you at one time part of something else?
Like do I have someone else’s arms?
Well is it possible that at one time you were made of stone, wood, lye, various corpse parts? Or birth made holy by rabbinical orders? oils?

half of greek literature, 7 fairly tales, 10 chinese fables. … or a gollum. Aren’t you relieved to know you are not a gollum?

Do you have magical powers?


co heaval covenal
the continuity of life

the watch? Huh?
How did the author KNOW he WAS Harold Crick? They needed a montage of him showing his notes, repeated his story.


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