Visual Grammar:
how do you show that someone is being followed, or that someone is being watched? There are “conventions”.

Very cool (expensive) sets, gadgets, vehicles.

Do soldiers engage in fistfights with intruders? Do guards of critical places or people have showdowns with intruders? Wouldn’t they sound an alarm? Is their jobs to knife-fight intruders? Maybe we’ve just seen that cliche scene too many times and it no longer does anything for us.

All the usual cool shots: track with CU boots walking; track with head CU through objects; (ha) clean entrance; MCU follow;

The set looks… “set”

Some on-the-nose writing:
“get lost kid”
“you’ve been gone a long time”
“what are you talking about”

the narration sounds good, but takes the viewer out of the moment.

the bad guy is too cartoonish.

Maybe they shouldn’t have spent all their money on sets and props… the CG in the hell scenes is bad enough to knock the viewer out of the story.

There are too many cliches that distract from the story. For example, the bad guy explaining his plan, the good guy seeing vital info (the Special Ops disk) laying in plain site.

Why did Spawn get into the headquarters just to watch the bad guys leave?

The bad girl is not believeable: she smokes, she wears strange outfits, she has corny lines.

He should use his special features rather than machine guns. Everyone has machine guns.

Swat teams do NOT unload guns in crowded areas. The have sharpshooter snipers.

What’s with his city-sized cape?

John L. makes a great crazy clown.

The story doesn’t make full sense. Does Satan want Winn dead? Why? Why does Satan’s army need the virus released? Why aren’t kids afraid of Spawn? Who is the other assassin? Is he good or bad?

I’d like to see more cool features and less punching and throwing people.

**Pet Peeve Alert** Al doesn’t move like special forces: conceal and cover.

The battle with the Violator was OK. Not awesome, but OK.

The story has completely stalled. It is not moving. Even immature viewers tire of one-liners after awhile.

Al cocks his rifle twice?! Who is the cowboy assassin? Why is he helping Spawn?

see the shot. visual storytelling. try, repeat.

Shooting a computer monitor doesn’t do anything.

The story has really fallen apart. The bad buy is dumb, the hero is dumb, the scenes are dumb, the fight scenes are dumb, Spawn’s reaction to Wanda’s death is dumb, Spawn pulling the device out of Winn is dumb, Wanda coming back is dumb, Spawn healing his neck is dumb, the clown pulling them down is dumb, Spawn punching the Violator is dumb, Spawn finally punching the Violator with blades is dumb, the army cheering is dumb, Spaen shooting green rays is dumb… can you say Dues Ex Machina? Spawn flying out of hell is dumb. Why can’t the devil just fly out of hell?

The Violator comes back? Oh brother.

Every character talks in one-liners!

The other good guy is too flat. Like middle-school theater.

Spawn sitting on the top of the cross is kinda lame.

COOL: earthquake with blur text effect.


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