Rumble Fish

Why does camera crane up = end of scene? But it does.

Lots of reflected sky shots. Why?

Some on-the-nose lines and acting.

High-key lighting. Lit like old Hollywood.

Cartoonish characters.

Would Rusty and his girl do that in the front room on the couch?

What’s with this Hollywood stereotype of arrogant jerks and girls who can’t resist jerks?

Huh? “I love you but I gotta run” … and she nods?!

Cartoonish percussion sounds. Adds to the cartoonish vibe.

White doves (pidgeons)! A cat silhouette!

Why do they hate each other? There’s not enough exposition. What’s the motivation?

A very cartoonish fight.

Mikey Rourke has Star Quality.

Classic compositions. Which, of course, go with black and white.

Some awkward, forced dialogue. The precursor to Tarantino.

“I forget he’s 21” “That’s pretty old” “Nah, he looks really old. Like 25”

Strange dreams!

Everyone is so clean and clean shaven. It looks fake.

Why is he so mean to the girl?! What a strange, sexist exchange. “Only her arm?”

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey” Strange dialogue.

Aww, yeah! Dennis Hopper!

Parents that drink let their kids drink out of guilt of their own weakness.

Benny has a cool voice. His (out of place) bit on time was dead-on.

A man of purpose, even if it’s wrong, unprofitable purpose, is desirable. If he acts like he knows what he’s doing, he is appealing.

Why does he think he didn’t do anything?!

So far, the story kinda wanders along. It doesn’t seem to be going anyplace in particular.

“I’d just as soon stay a Neighborhood Novelty, if it’s all the same to you.”

Why is Mickey the neighborhood star? And why is he so pensive and morose. OK. There’s a line: “If you’re gonna lead people, you have to somewhere to go.” Maybe that’s why the movie isn’t really going anywhere.

Hmm, is this more of the story, perhaps? When the cop says Mickey is not who the kids think he is.

More sky, reflection, and time-lapse shots.

Hmm. Crane down starts a scene… just as crane up ends a scene.

I like Mickey’s performance. Quiet, pensive, morose, old, tired, cool. Tremendous performance.

CU of Mickey.

Hmm. What’s with the color-blindness and deafness.

“You know, I stopped being a kid when I was five”.

I like the sport coats. With the collar a little twisted.

The sharp focus, clarity. It’s different than video.

Whoa! “California is like a beautiful, wild girl high on heroin. Thinkin’ she’s on top of the world. Doesn’t know she’s dying, even if you show her the marks.”

Whoa. During Mickey’s story, it goes into echos and we HEAR the past.

“He’s a prince… he’s like royalty in exile.” That’s cool. And real.

“Isn’t there anything he can’t do?” there ARE guys like that. And sometimes they act like that: cool, quiet, old.

The story isn’t really going anywhere. It’s mainly exposition.
“Progressive country. Integrated mugging”

Hmm. He leaves his body. Nice, clean effect. I don’t know about the fog.

Why are tough, emotionless guys cool?
Hmm. Nowhere to go. Even when hurt.

“It wasn’t anything you think it was. A bunch of punks killing each other.” Why the buzzing sound.

“Everyone knew I knew it was a big bore.” “Blind terror in a fight could pass for courage.” “There’s something about it, i remember.” “You’re just stupid enough to enjoy it”

Why would anyone blow Mickey’s head off (like Steve asks)? What did he do?

Is Mickey insane… or enlightened?
“people persist in joining things?

That gum smacking is gross.
“It depends on how many people think they’re crazy”

More clouds reflected in windows.

The story is not a story. Maybe that’s good.

Why is the cop “after” them? Hmm. This story certainly is not the Hero’s Quest. It’s also not __________________ (insert title of classic movie with meandering story)

There we go: “envy. gotta be envy” that (kinda) explains the cop

More reflected sky

“What is it with the fish?” Good question… seeing as it’s the first we’ve heard about it.

“I don’t think they would fight if they were in the river”

“Someone oughtta get you off the streets” Why?

Mickey crosses the street looking up. Walks the sidewalk apparently with much on his mind.

“Why you been acting like this?”

Dennis’ reaction, before Matt gets to him, to: “Hey, dad.” Awesome.

“every now and then a person comes along with a different view of the world than most people. It doesn’t make them crazy. An acute perception of the world doesn’t make you crazy.”
Whoa!!! What Dennis says about Mickey!!! “…with the ability to do anything he wants to. but he never found anything he wants to do.”

Yes!! “I feel like I’m wasting my life waiting for something… i wish I had a reason to leave”!!! Isn’t that the cry of many teens? Gettin’ out of this two-bit town.

Is the motorcycle ride symbolic? The older brother (finally) takes his younger brother out; finally shows him more of the world? A precursor to the younger son taking off?

“I want you to see me when you look at me.” “I’m right here. I just want you to see me… Let’s get out of here.”
“I can’t be what I want anymore than you than you can be.”
“I want you leave. I want you to go clear to the ocean.” He sends him off.

Canted angle coming out of the store. Sirens way back in the distance.
Sure enough, the fish don’t fight when they’re in the river.
Just legs for awhile at the end.

Shadow rides by. Cut to: the ocean… nice.
Pretty good. Teenage angst. Wanderlust. Restlessness. Not made for these times. Battling injust authority. All the usually adolescent themes. But, like some other films, really conveys the emotions.


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