Leon, The Professional

Lots of Close Pushes
the story between Matilda and Leon is the movie
she’s a Lolita character and it creates a lot of tension
her character is so engaging. fiesty, smart, older than her years, alone, streetwise,
no dramatic camera movement. only pushes and reframing. cam moves up at end, when matilda walks down sidewalk

do you like it?
so say it.
she serves him. she does things for him. but she is not subservient. she loves him. why not.

her speech about the first time.

finally we hear his story. pretty good story. good moment for opening up.

she takes charge. that’s the appeal. is it the fantasy?

think: rooting techniques! we root for him because he is a good guy. he treats the girl right. even though he is “hard”

whoa that’s a lot of guys! hows he gonna take em all out.

gary oldman is clever: if an officer is down, all officers will come
pretty awesome shootout.
how’s he gonna get out of that! Oh! That’s how!
cool: hear his breathing, his POV at times.

rule of thirds = professional looking
ots = professional looking
ratioed lighting (2:1 key:fill) = professional looking
push = professional looking

chanteuse ingenue lolita


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