Holy Mountain (by Alexandro Jodorowsky)

holy mountain
alexandro jodorowsky

accurate. more accurate than the news
better than bunuel
“if we can sell him on the idea of a shelter, we can make millions”
yikes! japan, china, europe has housing like that!!

the sets!
the stunts!
the legend of holy mountains!
the elements are numerous but finite…so are the techniques of enlightenment

burn your money? meaning?
burn self?? get rid of self?

search for immortality
cool: people in line, waving

concentrate on this (starfish) when you see the size of an elephant, you will never miss.

destroy your illusions, free youself from the past

I only travel horizontally
you could have made history and we are already forgetting you

you were never able to give up what you love most

the way will be like a garden… and yet they all get destroyed: food, money, violence, sex, chickens in trees??, spiders??, curiousity?

The girl and the monkey are following on their own… for the love of the perceived Messiah

cut off my head(!)
forget the summit, join with this woman, change the world
goodbye to the holy mountain. real life awaits us??


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