American Gangster

Choose a good, simple font. Make it scale in. And usually track out.

Wheres the pride of ownership? He does make a good point.
You can’t find the heart of anything… to stick the knife. Forget it Frank, there’s no one in charge.
Nice production: everything’s from the 70’s.

Who’s the little guy?
Russell Crowe can command the screen.
Great dialogue.
Great dilemma!
Crooked cops
Every gorilla for himself
There has to be order

70’s detail There are payphones on street corners

The flashbacks are a little confusing
drugs. bigger… worse than public knows
Whoa! They even put Bankok in the 70’s
Cool river scene.
We should never root for drug dealers, no matter how “cool” or wealthy or daring or determined they are.

The acting, especially between Russell and ?? in the projects scene.

Densel chewing gum = nervous.

Very cool montage: Densel watching his product in action. Lots of subtle action.

Typical subplot: getting divorced. We call that a “crutch”.

Public enemy #1 is drug abuse. Greatest city in the world is turning into an open sewer. … because you did your job.

Nice juxtaposition: Densel getting a new place vs Russell getting a new place.


Nice, little backstory: he had the dresser made. “They took it away”. We assume to pay for necessities.

Why are all the ladies naked? Oh, so they can’t steal nothin’

Densel knows what he wants. Because his vision is so clear. He’s able to go after what he wants because he knows exactly what he wants.

There’s the part of a scene that sets up (foreshadows) his one brother doing something stupid. Ya gotta have that little setup scene.
Densel is going to have to face killing his own brother. As a side note, he is also risking a brother becoming a junkie.

Juxtaposition, again: Frankie’s place vs Russell’s place and work.

Cool cop work: tense, but boring. Lots of legwork and labor.

Russell likes baseball. Will he meet Densel’s brother at some point?
Nice little bit to add a little tension: that’s out of our jurisdiction. Russell’s gonna lose “the money”. He’s following close!!

Taught me how to take my time. If I was gonna do something, do it with love and care. To be a gentleman.

Russell plays a womanizer again.

The army is moving the drugs… and a huge amount?

Hmm. wow: the drugs are moving everywhere.

You’re right. Everyone’s right; it’s America. … but at the high expense of other people.

Money, ambition lets you meet people.

Why does he burn the coat?? That has always been his principle: if you’re the most colorful person in the room, you’re the stupidest.

Structured his organization to protect him.

Aw, yeah. Frank goes after the cop on Thanksgiving… while he’s with his family. He’s not a good guy. He kills.

Whoa. Shows misc junkies. I wish they would have shown more.

Densel’s performance is a tiny bit flat.

I don’t think they want this to stop. I think it employs too many people. Judges, lawyers, cops,

Nice job showing the meagerness of Russell’s life.

He gives his wife a flat look. You can’t tell what he’s thinking. It’s non-threatening, steady, a little confident–sometimes hurt. All leading men have that look.

His wife’s diatribe in the courtroom.
Whoa. Then his response. He looks at his wife for a long time. Then acknowledges the truth.

“The more you give ’em the more they want.” It’s true for everything, everyone. It explains America.

Success. It’s got enemies.
Whoa. Dominique’s speech about success and enemies, unsuccessful and have friends.

I was wondering why there were war reports… to show the state of Frankie’s supply.

“Opium plants are hardy enough to outlive any war.”

Quitting while you’re ahead is not the same as quitting.
Are all successful people insightful? The Asian general, Dominique, Frankie

The mom tells it like it is.

The government IS in the drug business.
I don’t think they’d follow that close.

Oh man! He’s back in that project he was in.

Dang! Russell is the attorney?!

They save the worst cop for last. They tighten the net til the bad cop has to blow his own head off. The city is corrupt when the cops are corrupt.

Whoa! Richie represents Frank!

15 years later, he walks into Harlem. Frank was a killer, though.
“These days I keep all my promises.” What’s it referring to?

Even a fool gets to be young once.
Directed by Ridley Scott!! I didn’t know that.
$100 mill budget
$200 mil worldwide gross.
Hmm. Not bad. That would make it about the 7th biggest for the year.



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