Whatever your criteria for hating religion, you also have to hate money for it has the same characteristics as religion, namely:

  • created by man
  • different from culture to culture, both in currency and perspective
  • a cause of (most?) wars
  • a cause of intellectual blindness

The Bible covers the bases (which is, incidentally, what you’d expect from God). The Bible says, “If I have all wisdom and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, yet don’t have love, I will sound like a gong or cymbal”… which is what the YouTube dude and Richard Dawkins sound like: the same sound over and over and over. There is certainly intelligence in their words, but they become wearisome to listen to.

Religion is not the problem anymore than food is the problem. People are always, only the problem. To curse Religion is to miss the point and to demonstrate a lack of understanding or enlightenment.

Religion is the problem. Jesus was not, and is not, religious. Even the devout know this, though they don’t understand it. Religiousness is always a symptom of un-enlightenment.



  1. I thought atheism was a lack in belief of supernatural gods like Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, etc. A persons feelings about the world’s religions doesn’t necessarily have to do with their lack in belief of sky-fairies (though it can).

    And discounting someone because, to you, they have become “wearisome to listen to” does not speak to the issue at hand. It just makes you sound lazy.

    I feel religion is a huge problem, and I think former U.S. president James Madison summed it up best:

    “During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry, and persecution.”

    1. I just came across you comments(!) (I had not visited my own blog in some time, but recently made two posts.) Thank you very much for commenting. I appreciate reading your points. I am still thinking and writing about Religion. My two recent posts connect, a bit, to the discussion here.

  2. Well, money is necesary for complex society- religion isn’t.

    Come to think of it racism satisfies the criteria you listed. It-
    is man made
    differs between groups
    causes wars
    causes intellectual blindness

    … come to think of it money lacks traits 2 and 4- currency exchanges make 2 false and money doesn’t affect your brain.

    “No Jesus- I AM your father!”
    Star Wars Episode V: The Lord Strikes Back

    1. I just read your comment(!) I had not visited my own blog in some time, but I posted something today and saw that you had commented… three years ago. Thank you so much for adding to the discussion. Chime in anytime.

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