There are things that you can only understand as you become enlightened. For example: …

Such things sound nonsensical until you gain some understanding (or enlightenment), then such things suddenly make sense and you are then able to understand more.

This moving ever closer to enlightenment is necessary.

Many young people truly do not understand how avoiding conflict is better than fighting… until they “grow up”–by which we mean “become more enlightened”.

Enlightenment is cumulative and connected. It does not happen in one event or with the hearing of one wise quote. For example: to forgive is a sign of enlightenment… but forgiveness requires choosing our responses, which requires empathy and maturity, which requires discipline and understanding, which require being open to learning, which require a change in our perspective and/or difficulty, which are brought on by change, which cause pain, which asks us, and helps us, to choose our responses. You can see how every piece is connected to every other piece.


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