Parenting, Total Transformation Program, Selfishness, Habits

“The Total Transformation Program” is on TV.

It’s a “program” to “fix” naughty kids. Everything the guy says makes perfect sense. Everything he says also sounds like a sales pitch. Here are some things he said that shook my soul:

“Having a kid who won’t behave is one of the hardest things on a marriage.”

“Having a kid who won’t behave is one of the worst things you can experience in life. You care for them, you think about them all the time, worrying about. You worry about their future, plus you’re not sure you can live with them today.”

What about ADD or ADHD? There is no boss, spouse, judge, employer for whom that matters. The judge is not going to say, “Well, what’s your diagnosis, Mr. Smith? You broke the law, but it’s OK because you’ve been diagnosed with ADD.”


Every other person’s selfishness is only an opportunity for you to build your selflessness.

The solution to bad habits is NOW… plus knowing purpose. “Know Yourself” and living in the NOW. There is not one answer. Just as you are not one part of your body or personality. The only sane answer is holistic.


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